Dejah of Mars #2 Review

Do we really care about a Mars with our favorite Warlord kidnapped? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The more rocks Dejah Thoris overturns to find the missing John Carter, the more clues point to something bigger and more insidious than his disappearance. And the greater the chance she’ll disappear – or be disappeared – herself!

Layout 1When it comes to this interpretation of the franchise made by Edgar Rice Burroughs I know there are quite a few detractors out there. But for me, in the right hands, I’ve greatly enjoyed these zany treks to Barsoom. This latest mini-series is a downright engaging odyssey that offers more of what many have become accustomed to. So in other words: we have another solid outing with just enough spunk to be worth a look.

Mark Rahner pens the script and once again the author runs with his narrative in a way that never cheapens the players involved. What we’re seeing is a growing conspiracy rising directly from the actions of John Carter and Dejah Thoris. Now that’s not to blame them for current circumstances but, as the author lightly implies, there are repercussions for their prior decisions. With political intrigue at its back along with consistent characterizations this outing does more right than wrong. And despite a few instances where the dialogue felt a bit too hammy the text largely succeeds.

The visualizations handed in by Jethro Morales are without a doubt assured pencil strokes that know their own limitations. Each panel is given just enough detail to yield what the audience needs without falling prey to the pitfalls of too many unnecessary attributes. And thankfully, despite our leading lady and her usually exploited assets, this seems to be one talent that doesn’t seek to push them on us. Add in the colors done by Jay Anacleto and, for me, the visuals strike a befitting cord.

Dejah of Mars #2 is at times a personal tale that carries a few moments of grandiose. It does trip a bit but for the release mostly remains tight as it earns a recommendation.

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