Deadly Class #5 Review

Is this a worthwhile comic? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


In the throes of a horrible acid trip, Marcus’s grip on reality slips, casting him into the depths of his own past. A past filled with blood and ash. What dark secrets is he hiding? And will he have time to face them before one of the killers out for his blood puts a knife in his heart?

Deadly Class 5_Preview PageI can’t stress it enough, whenever I pick up this book I’m easily enthralled in a parallel point in history that embraces a zany set of circumstances. The creative team has a franchise that can easily be described as a true gem, even as it stars a murderous pack of students that are on their way to becoming full blown assassins.

I was first introduced to the works of Rick Remender when he launched the most recent volume of Venom. I had a blast with his work and from that point on I branched out and was willing to give any new series he touched a try, so when Deadly Class launched I had my money at the ready. The story so far has been tight and competent but the odyssey of Marcus and his friends combined with a nasty drug trip and a jealous lover have elevated this piece of fiction into something more than the sum of its parts.

Wes Craig absolutely nails it with a superb vision and competent style that’s bound to impress even the most discerning fanboy or fangirl. From the first page on the illustrator amplifies the text in a way that never feels forced but becomes a welcome distraction especially as the intensity rises. And in the colors done by Lee Loughridge and there’s no doubt that if you’re looking for something unique to pick up this Wednesday you’ve found it!

Deadly Class #5 forces me to do something I hate. After reading the issue a few times and mulling it over I can’t help but call this one a must own as it earns my highest accolades.

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