Deadly Class #2 Review

There are a lot of comics out there, is this one you should be buying? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

It’s Marcus’s first day at the Kings Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts. A locker full of death threats, a schedule full of brutality, and whispers in the hallway about his mysterious past…which is fast catching up to cut out his freshly broken heart.

DeadlyClass02-pg1Maybe it’s the sadistic side of me but I’m absolutely enamored with this property. The creative team has crafted a world set in a specific era with a setting few would dream up. It’s not the first title in the world to tackle the idea of an elite institution training a new generation of assassins, but it certainly puts a unique spin on the concept that’s worthy of your time and attention.

Rick Remender pens the script and is there nothing this literary master can’t do? He’s tackled iconic characters and created his own franchises. How does the man find the time to get this done? I honestly don’t know but I can tell you this much I’m thrilled about it. He depicts the typical high school scenarios chock-full with enough disturbing twists and turns to get me to chuckle on more than one occasion. There’s even a sequence where we see Marcus get the download on all the cliques that he’ll be dealing with or avoiding. And every single one, in just a few short sentences, sets up everything you need to know about their potential players.

The art by Wes Craig is just as impressive. The illustrative talent uses his own unique style to breathe life into a very outlandish atmosphere. He creates all the characters with ease, giving them enough originality to allow the audience to gain an easy way to discern differences without robbing characters of a certain amount of ambiguity. Combine that with the colors done Lee Loughridge and you have a display that’s going to impress.

Deadly Class #2 is a romp that continues to engage as it pushes its narrative path forward. Highly recommended.

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