Dead Body Road #3 Review

Revenge. Should we ever pursue? Or is it just something that makes things worse while we go after it? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Orson Gage is no good man…but Mr. Cobb and his unique interrogation tactics are even worse. Why is he pursuing Gage? And just how do you remove blood from a motel carpet?

Dead Body Road 3_Preview Page 1Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight is a tough act to do. So is chasing down the men responsible for a murder your seeking to avenge. And thanks to this creative team in this outing we’re given a lot to chew on as the action is laid on pretty thick.

Justin Jordan leaves a message at the end of the comic book that states his key inspiration: Elmore Leonard. And I have to say as a man that’s greatly enjoyed works by the famed author, and is currently addicted to Justified, I can see how that exposure comes through within this arc. The tale is a story about a simple plan for revenge that just keeps getting more complicated as pages go by. We see our protagonist develop as the world around him grows and changes while giving him unique experiences.

The chaotic art is, in many respects, just as strong as the text itself. Simply put Matteo Scalera dives right into the visual side of this equation giving all the various players that right level of consistent over the top realism to go along with these crazy shenanigans. It’s not a redefinition of what fans have come to expect from the average issue but the style contained here ebbs and flows with a spirit that could easily erupt off the page at any moment. Add in the colors done by¬†Moreno Dinisio and you have a package that’s going to impress any curious onlookers.

Dead Body Road #3 is something that may not be the average cup of tea for the frequent comic enthusiast, but trust me you won’t regret picking it up. After three releases this franchise has proven its worth as it earns a recommendation.

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