Can these two women offer up enough to hold your attention? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Our story begins when the silver tongued demon Masodik tricks and kidnaps both Dawn and Vampirella, He tells them that they are the 2 most beautiful women in all of the worlds, these two ‘Bad Girls’. Their demon host demands a cat fight to see who is best suited to his purposes, but the ladies suggest something more feminine — a storytelling contest. Together they take us to the bloody shores of Draculon, to post-apocalyptic New York and to worlds beyond imagination. Only Ravana knows what rewards and punishment await the winner and the loser in this duel of horror hostesses.

Dawn-Vampirella 1_Variant CoverBringing these icons together may seem like an unnecessary crossover, but there’s just something about all this that makes me ponder: why hasn’t this happened before? In just one issue the creative force behind it proved that these leading women belong in the same space. And I absolutely can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

Joseph Michael Linsner pens the text and does a masterful introducing both Dawn and Vampirella. If you’re not familiar with one or the other, don’t worry, because contained within the narrative is just enough detail to keep questions of each in check. It’s through a steady increase of the stakes in a new situation that our two heroines find themselves attempting to not only work with each other but gain some sort of barring on what they’re involved in. Truth be told there were some stiff bits of dialogue but for the most these were few and far between.

The illustrations handed in by Joseph Michael Linsner definitely made use of the assets available. Each page is adorned with pencil strokes born from a sturdy execution in a display that may not appeal to every fanboy or fangirl but certainly caught my attention. Add in the soft but consistent colors by Valentina Pinto and the entire piece enjoys just enough vibrancy to sell this specific romp. In short: the pictures are appealing.

Dawn/Vampirella #1 is something I didn’t expect to enjoy but I did. I was instantly sucked into the narrative by the charm of the book as some winning personalities complimented a plot, that may have been slightly predictable, but managed to be entertaining.  In other words this comic happens to come recommended.

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