Dawn/Vampirella #2 Review

Do fans really need this mini in their collection? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

In “The Silver Tongue & The Golden Rose,” Vampirella and Dawn – captured by the nefarious demon Masodik – must spin one beguiling tale after another in order to stay alive. Dawn blurs the lines of myth and fantasy by telling the tale of a ruined city plagued by a silver-tongued Gorgon who guards a golden rose. After their father is viciously killed by the Gorgon, two sisters set out to slay it and discover its enchanted secret.

Layout 1I have to say I didn’t expect to like this crossover as much as I am, but honestly after two issues I’m genuinely enthused and I can’t wait to see where this narrative goes from here. With two leading ladies with a distinct stage presence, there’s no doubt that the mind behind this understands them because they never feel over or underused.

Joseph Michael Linsner offers an easy to follow plot that surprises with a wealth of depth. It’s a slow moving fairy tale that sees Vampirella teach a lesson while conveying her nature in the process. And as much as the focus of this outing is set on our scarlet clad heroine fans of Dawn, thanks to her creator, are in for a few noteworthy treats of their own. For the most part the text flows well but there were sequences that felt unnecessary to the issue’s own designs.

Now if it the written word wasn’t enough, Joseph Michael Linsner also pulls double duty with the visual side of this yarn. He embraces the curvatures of our leading ladies while leaving just enough room for ferocity. And minus a few renditions that honestly felt odd or underdeveloped the comic carried a compelling guise. So much so that when the colors by Valentina Pinto came into play I had few complaints.

Dawn/Vampirella #2 may not re-write the rules of the crossover, but it maintains the integrity of both franchises while still managing to be entertaining. And because of that this comic proves itself and comes recommended.

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