The Darkness: Viscous Traditions (One-Shot) Review

Is this a must-own comic or should fans just skip this release? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

ALES KOT (ZERO, WILD CHILDREN) joins DEAN ORMSTON (Judge Dredd, Predator, Books of Magick) to deliver this special TALES OF THE DARKNESS one-shot! The Roman Empire is on the edge of collapse. A part of its army is stranded deep within the Visigoth territory. The barbarian leader wakes up in a mass grave. He should be dead; yet he is not.

The Darkenss-Viscous Traditions 1_Previe Page 1There’s a lot to admire within the text of this particular tale. We have a striking creative team that succeeds in yielding a distinct vision which carries with it some memorable moments. But if hard pressed this is by no means essential, unless you’re a hardcore collector that yearns for these off path journeys into the wilderness of history.

The script harks back to days of old, as we see a previous bearer of this particular artifact in his war-torn element. The cost of using his abilities are front and center as the author, Ales Kot, does a wonderful job giving our protagonist enough angst to relate to. It’s the grand tradition of the Estacado family, we have a long haired battle ready fighter that continues to serve a force greater than himself. Buried within the context is the struggle over one’s role and that right there is in essence what allows this tangent to feel relevant.

The art by Dean Ormston is chaotic and simplified. It’s a barrage of pencil strokes that never gets fully lost in itself, but I can’t help but feel that having this talent partnered with the colors by Troy Peteri lends a bit of mixed bag. The renditions come off too bright as a more pronounced use of black shades could have helped define this look. Still the bulk of the display works more in favor than against the text it seeks to support.

The Darkness: Viscous Traditions (One-Shot) is without a doubt an acceptable extension for this property but one that isn’t necessary except for die-hard fanboys and fangirls. Recommended.

  • + An arc with solid pacing.
  • + Carries an excellent script.
  • + Contains some compelling art.
  • - Yields some confusing coloring choices.

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