Damsels in Excess #3 Review

Three issues in, is this still a title to watch? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Five realms. Five princesses. Zero men.

Princesses Bethany and Kimbelein must find a way to the Maiden Islands before Barra and Ilina find them first! However, the path across the Maiden Sea proves far more treacherous—as the pair soon discovers that the dangers they face are not only on land, but also out at sea!

Damsels in Excess 3_Variant CoverIt’s time for another exciting entry in the ever engrossing odyssey, Damsels in Excess. The comic from the first page to the final panel continues an impressive legacy of work that deserves to find a spot on any fanboy or fangirl‘s pull-list.

Vince Hernandez spins a fantastic yarn set in a world where the men have died out and the women rule in their stead. It’s through that basic backbone with additional anecdotes and character tangents that this scribe finds the time to not only progress the narrative but introduce us to a new player to boot. The various kingdoms are picking sides in the ever growing conflict surrounding Princess Bethany, but there’s more to this particular tale. The author steadily peels back the layers of this fiction, as political subterfuge proves that a certain princess has been an antagonist all along.

The illustrations handed in by Mirka Andolfo pop off the page. When dealing with this type of jaunt the visuals could have gone a more realistic route, but the unique and strangely inviting renditions found here cement a style that perfectly fits. Each member of the cast is given enough room to breathe, in a barrage of pencil strokes that attack the page with a sense of whimsy and enough consistency to rule the day. Add in the inks by Simone Di Meo and there’s no doubt that the final product completes the package.

Damsels in Excess #3 doesn’t break new ground but it continues to push and legitimize this outlandish adventure. There’s heart here as a strong creative team steadily develops character and nurses their plot toward some rather interesting revelations. Recommended.

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