Damsels in Excess #2 Review

Two issues in, does this franchise deserve to pull in an audience? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Five realms. Five princesses. Zero men.

As the remaining ladies turn on Bethany following the reveal of the men’s final wish, the princess finds herself alone in the Five Realms with everyone out to murder her. Yet, not all citizens—and rulers—of the Five believe in following the pleas of a dying gender, as she will discover. However, first, she must find a way to escape Crossman’s Hall before Barra’s soldiers can end her reign—and her life!

Damsels in Excess 2_Variant CoverWhenever a fresh property comes across my desk there’s a sense of hope that follows with a promise of adventure. I look down at a new world that might just be worth exploring and wouldn’t you know it? Thanks to the creative team behind it that’s exactly what we get out of this comic book.

Vince Hernandez delivers a script that ebbs and flows with a unique personality. The basic premise of this fantasy yarn is outlandish at best but the author gives us female leads that make it work with dialogue that’s downright sensational. I have literally no complaints, because our scribe effortlessly moves the pieces of the narrative forward in a body of text that absolutely rocked. He gave the various rulers the chance to debate each other without cheapening their positions under the cloud of their ultimate perspectives.

The illustrations handed in by Mirka Andolfo carry a whimsical nature that perfectly emulates the antics of the written word. From unique creatures to memories of events long past, this is one talent that knows exactly what to do with the right amount of pencil strokes. Add in the coloring assist by MAD5 Factory and this is one of the best looking books in 2014, as this visual component continues to impress from beginning to end.

Damsels in Excess #2 is a very fun adventure yarn that’s chock-full of personality. The text is engaging and the art is stellar in a comic that earns the right to garner a dedicated following. Highly recommended.

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