Cyber Force #9 Review

Will Cyber Force finally face off against Killjoy? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Ripclaw had a wife, a son, and his anonymity before Velocity stumbled into his life with a trigger-happy convoy of S.H.O.C.s on her tail. Now it’s time for payback.

CF009_preview01We may have to wait a while in between each issue but Cyber Force is always a series worth buying. The story itself gets better with each passing issue as though there’s the odd slow point it all adds to the suspense and tension. This issue we finally get to see Cyber Force square off against Killjoy and as expected it’s extremely exciting. Despite this it’d be Ripclaw’s predicament that gripped me the most with the emotional sequence being a fitting way to open the issue.

Marc Silvestri does a fantastic job of setting the tone for this issue as given the lengthy break between releases he always seems to quickly bring us right up to speed. It’s this reader friendliness that I love about Silvestri’s writing as though he may make us wait he does compensate big time. With this issue he gives us many different tones all of which add to the context of their particular sequence. It is however the way that all these tones work in harmony that I enjoy as along with the fabulous dialogue they give a enthralling vibe to the story.

Marco Turini produces some of his best art yet with the detail being through the roof. He’s always impressed me with his work but this is on another level completely. He always seems to give a realistic feel to this futuristic series as along with his sensational layouts it really gives a dynamic edge to the story. He also captures the emotion and excitement of Silvestri’s script brilliantly, adding to the overall drama. As usual we also get a mesmerising cover from Silvestri which as usual makes me hope for some new interior work from the legendary artist.

Cyber Force continues to be a enjoyable read and with them finally taking on Killjoy I for one feel the next issue can’t come soon enough. Highly recommended.

  • + Marc Silvestri's script is both powerful and intense.
  • + Astonishing art from Marco Turini.
  • + Cyber Force vs. Killjoy… 'nuff said!
  • - The delayed schedule does hurt the flow of the story slightly.

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