Copperhead #2 Review

Mystery! Suspense! Copperhead! Join in on the action, as the residents of this small mining town on a backwater planet, get served a new kind of justice!

The official description from Image:

Find out why Brian K. Vaughan says “Copperhead is the best Image debut of the year and my favorite new comic,” as Sheriff Clara Bronson and Deputy Boo continue their investigation of a multiple homicide just outside the Copperhead city limits. Meanwhile, Zeke Bronson gets in way over his head in the Badlands.

Copperhead 2 CoverThe suspense from last issue’s cliffhanger is quelled only by the “BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA” of automatic weapons fire.

We join our cast of characters mid-story, and everyone seems to be in a bit over their head…

What terrible mysteries will unravel as the new Sheriff takes on her first Copperhead homicide case? Will Deputy “Boo” continue to put up with his human woman Sheriff, on this backwater stain of a planet? Can the “Doc” stay sober enough to save the only witness to the Sewell family murders? And will Zeke survive his attempt to make new friends?

These, and more questions are posed/answered as we take the trek into deep space with the cast of the newest Space Western!

Copperhead 2 Preview 3

Jay Faerber does an excellent job presenting a new world for some very interesting characters to play out their lines. Scott Godlewski brings those characters to life on every page.

This book is as visually appealing as it is a fascinating romp in outer-space.

Copperhead 2 Preview

If you like a mix of gritty violence, with heartwarming undertones, this book is for you.

  • + A great start to the newest Space Western!
  • + Fantastic story-telling, with multiple and converging plot lines!
  • + New Characters! Deeper Mysteries! Unlikely Allies!
  • - The issue seemed short, we want more pages!

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