Conan the Avenger #2 Review

Does this man created by Robert E. Howard matter in this modern age of comics? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

When a case of mistaken identity leaves Conan accused of witchcraft, the Cimmerian finds himself the target of the powerful and deadly Agara—witch hunter of Kush! But as the warrior and the wizard quarrel, an evil force plots to eliminate them both!

Conan the Avenger 2_Preview PageMaybe it’s the straight forward actions of the character, or the ferocity that boils beneath this barbarian’s surface but somehow his legend has survived the test of time. And with each passing page this creative team holds strong and proves he’s still relevant. It’s the truth that even in day where many companies are attempting to shock and corral fanboys and fangirls with a barrage of updates and the always presents cyclical events this Cimmerian warrior fights on.

Fred Van Lente gives us a striking script that cuts right to the point of the current events in Conan’s life. Our at times brutal protagonist is embroiled in a plot with witchcraft, mistaken identity and ghosts from his past. It’s a solid outing that makes use of its time with a hefty but never overbearing narration that gives the audience plenty to chew on. Even so the strong pace can do only so much, because when we reach the finish we’re given an event that’s slightly corny, a bit interesting but not all that shocking.

The illustrations handed in by Brian Ching match the tempo of the text without ever undercutting it with lackluster visualizations. Instead followers are given a sturdy dispaly that easily transitions from action sequences to simple one-on-one dialogue scenes.  There were a couple moments where far off shots left to some bodily deformities but the consistent skills of colorist Michael Atiyeh smooth those over as the title continues to carry a fitting set of pictures.

Conan the Avenger #2 is a rock solid adventure that never pulls beyond its own boundaries. It accomplishes plenty within its time frame but carries inconsistencies that might damage perception.  Still it earns a recommendation.

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