Clone #19 Review

Will Luke be able to make the hard decision that’s needed to keep the group safe? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

To kill or not to kill: a deep divide pits the clones against one another, just as an old enemy returns…

Clone19_Page4Clone is one of them series that never fails to impress, as though the last few issues haven’t been quite as good as most, they still prove to be a thoroughly enjoyable read. This issue follows in suit, continuing the developments of Luke and the Clones, and leaving a tricky situation for Luke himself. Meanwhile Eric prepares to meet Reverend Wayne, whilst Reverend Wayne himself tries to stop Laura from doing something insane.

David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade Mcintyre are as ever the magnificent trio behind the scripts of this series, continuing to deliver dramatic developments. With there being only three main focal areas of development in this issue, the writers are able to go more indepth, which in turn gives more suspense. Despite this I still felt the issue lacked the raw intensity that the series is known for, with only the cliffhanger making me over excited to read on.

I may sound like a bit of a broken record when it comes to talking about Juan Jose Ryp‘s artwork on Clone, but it seriously is some of his best work yet, improving issue by issue. The sheer detail of his work, coupled with the energetic layouts really make it easy to get immersed in. The wonderful scenery and use of blocked out backgrounds also helps to add atmosphere and realism. In addition to this Ryp also continues to show an improvement in facial expressions, as though they’re still not quite perfect, they’re ten times better than they were in the early issues. Finishing things off we get punchy colours from Andy Troy.

Clone continues to be a gripping read, as though the intensity has wavered slightly, the drama and suspense hasn’t. Recommended.

  • + Eric gets into a sticky situation.
  • + Juan Jose Ryp continues to produce some of his best work.
  • + Schulner, Ginsburg and Mcintyre continue to deliver a dramatic tale.
  • - Lacking in the raw intensity that the series is known for.

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