Clone #17 Review

Can the Clones trust these strangers to keep their secret or is their death the only way to be certain? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

As the Coalition’s anti-clone agenda grows stronger, one man adopts a grass-roots approach: knocking bigots’ teeth out!

Clone17_Page1Clone has never failed to impress this fanboy with it’s intriguing concept and gripping narrative giving a fabulous flow to the series. This issue continues from last issues drastic developments with the Clones attempt to save Amelia’s life coinciding with their decision as to whether to let the strangers who shot her live. We also get a really dramatic look into what the Coalition is up to since the announcement of the Clones supposed death with the diversity of the two development points complimenting one another.

David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade Mcintyre writer yet another thoroughly entertaining script with it’s dynamic flow and gripping dialogue having me hooked to every page. I especially liked how the trio managed to transition between the two main development points in a way that added tension whilst still being smooth. I also loved how the writers also managed to focus firmly on the decisions of the characters as bar the Clones important decision Laura from the Coalition has to make one of her own, adding a unique twist to the climax.

Juan Jose Ryp has been delivering some of his best art ever on this series as though I’ve always been a fan of his work he has definitely excelled during this series. The sheer beauty and detail of his art is simply amazing with his intense visuals giving a dramatic tone to the story. Ryp also adds a lot of energy through the minor action and his stunning layouts. He also shows improvement when it comes to facial expressions with the ones in this issue feeling much more realistic and natural opposed to the usual awkward feeling.

Clone continues to give intense and interesting dialogue as though the story doesn’t progress too much the dramatic dialogue and suspense makes it as intriguing as ever. Highly recommended.

  • + Fantastic follow-up from last issue drastic developments.
  • + Beautiful yet intense visuals from Juan Jose Ryp.
  • + The tension between the Clones and the Coalition rises!
  • - Story doesn't progress too much.

S#!T Talking Central

  • Steven Mckee

    Without doubt one of my favourite series.

    Never a bad issue.

    Great review mate

  • Andy

    Nice review. Better if you mention the colorist, for better or worse.

    • John McCubbin

      Sorry about that Andy. I usually try and mention the colourist if possible but word count makes it sometimes hard to fit in.