Clone #15 Review

Will the clones escape in time? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“You must hide the truth to save his life.”
As government forces lead an assault on the clones, Luke and his brothers are given an offer they can’t refuse. But what sacrifices must they make to ensure their freedom?

Clone15-pg1I’m relatively new to the world of Clone, but I have to say so far I’ve been blown away. The intensity of this series is simply off the charts, managing to have everything you’d ever want from a comic and more. This doesn’t change here, as to close this third arc the creative team put the clones in a perilous situation that produces some exciting outcomes.

David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre continue to work in harmony, creating yet another breathtaking script. The trio has obviously learned the best working pattern, as never before have I seen a story that’s been written by three or more people be as captivating and exciting as Clone is. With this issue in particular the trio manages to produce suspenseful sequence after another, as whether it’s the attempted recruitment of the final clone, or the impending doom from the government, they al manage to give a gripping and intense feel to the issue. They’d also produce some impressive dialogue as well, giving a very dramatic tone to the more emotional interactions.

Juan Jose Ryp has been producing some of his best work ever on this series, and I seriously can’t get enough. Whether it’s the high quality of detail or the superb layouts Ryp manages to enthral you with his magnificent art, as although it’s far from perfect, it’s good enough. Ryp also gave us a lot of impact as well, with the action sequence near the end of this issue being simply mind blowing. Ryp’s facial expressions do however continue to be a weak spot, but it is evident that he makes the effort, giving a lot of emotion to certain sequences. If this all wasn’t enough you have the beautiful and vibrant colours of Andy Troy giving the perfect tone and finishing touches.

Clone‘s third arc comes to an explosive end, with the only downside being that we need to wait two months before learning what’s happened to the clones. Highly recommended.

  • + Exhilarating conclusion for the arc.
  • + Juan Jose Ryp produces some of his finest artwork to date.
  • + Ends with a gripping cliffhanger.
  • - Have to wait two months to see what happens next.

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