Chew #42 Review

Can Tony solve the murder of a navy seal. Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“CHICKEN TENDERS,” Part Two No animals were hurt during the making of this comic.

Chew42_Page4Chew brings us yet another one-shot tale as Tony investigate the death of a navy seal (literally a seal). Meanwhile Colby spends some quality time with Applebee as he becomes apart of his family. In true Chew fashion these events prove to be thoroughly entertaining as though they lack the usual energy it remains as fun as ever.

John Layman as ever produces the script for this marvellous series with his writing being extraordinary. In a more dialogue focused manor Layman gives us a witty exchange of conversation with Tony being well and truly out of his depths. The way that he shows Tony’s frustration is also highly entertaining, enhancing the tension between him and Applebee. Talking of Applebee, Layman also gives us an awkward yet entertaining vibe to the Colby/Applebee sequence with it being exaggerated to the point of hilarity. In addition to this we also get an appearance from an old ally/foe with it giving a satisfying twist to Applebee’s no Chu stipulation.

Rob Guillory‘s animated visuals are as ever a joy to view with it being one of my favourite features of this series. The way that he brings energy and excitement to the series is simply astonishing with the slightest change in facial expression having a definitive affect on the tone of the issue. Along with this Guillory also gives us stunning layouts that add to the fun vibe of the issue tenfold. Besides all this he also manages to amaze me with his tremendous colour pallet giving a vibrant finish to his sensational pencils and inks.

Chew is one of Images best ongoing series’ with even it’s poorer issues being fun and entertaining. Recommended.

  • + John Layman produced another wonderful one-shot case.
  • + Fun and quirky art from Rob Guillory.
  • + Tony goes undercover.
  • - Lacked the usual energy that Chew brings.

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