Chew #40 Review

What kind of havoc will Tony and John get up to whilst high from eating a Gallsaberry cooked in psychedelic chog sauce?

The official description from Image:

“FAMILY RECIPES,” Conclusion
This is how you kill the Vampire…

chew40-pg1Chew never fails to amuse this reader, with it’s fun and quirky tone being joyous. This is no different here, with the drug, or rather Gallsaberry induced state of Tony and John being the catalyst for a crazy ride that is simply hilarious.

The success of most comics is down to the way they’re scripted. This is no different with Chew as John Layman constantly produces wacky ideas, with their bizarreness being one of the best things about the series. This issue in particular shows just how much fun can come out of this eccentric style, with Tony and John’s hallucinogenic world giving a lively tone that you can’t help but enjoy. In saying that this was a weird way to end a story arc, with it feeling more like a stand alone adventure. This doesn’t however stop this issue from being a exhilarating read, and I for one can’t wait to see what Layman has in store for Tony Chu next.

Rob Guillory’s art is simply astonishing, with his unique style and tone being the thing that I’ve enjoyed the most about Chew over the years. Guillory knows just when impact is needed, with the combination of fantastic layouts and marvellous facial expressions giving a lot of depth to this issue. Guillory’s scenery was also especially impressive in this issue, giving a dynamic feel to Tony and John’s weird world. If this wasn’t enough Guillory’s colours were once phenomenal, adding the vibrant finish that this overly strange tale needed.

Family Recipes finishes in style, as despite not being your usual kind of ending, it was very fun and exciting. Highly recommended.


  • + John Layman writes a fun and exciting tale.
  • + Rob Guillory’s art will have you speechless.
  • + Tony and John are amusing whilst high.
  • - Didn’t really feel like an end of an arc.

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