Chaos! #3 Review

Let face facts: there’s a lot of comics vying for your attention. So why should you bother with this particular one? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

While the Chosen are under siege by zombie biker gang, Homicide and the Dead Onez, Evil Ernie makes his way to St. Louis in search of a man who may the key to Armageddon!

Chaos 3_Variant CoverIf it’s wrong that I’m enjoying the relaunch of this universe then I don’t want to be right! Because after just three issues we’ve seen these aged icons reborn in a modern light that takes their best attributes and just rides with them all the way to a cliffhanger finish. In other words: if you haven’t made room for this on your pull-list then it’s time to add it in.

Tim Seeley pens the script and once again the literary maestro know exactly how to work the narrative muscles of just about anything with a supernatural leaning. Evil Ernie gets the spotlight as the character goes face-to-face with the decisions he’s made and the choice that now lays before him. While that’s going on the Chosen are embroiled in a battle with the fate of the world stuck to the eventual outcome. With all these plot points at play it would be easy for any author to trip up along the way but this scribe doesn’t.

The illustrations handed in by Mirka Andolfo are near perfect as the talent effortlessly crafts this line relaunch. What we’re given are not re-imagined prospects but familiar interpretations that long time fans are bound to appreciate and recognize. But when you add in the colors by Walter Baiamonte there’s no denying how smart this visual component turns out to be. To be honest the designs found here are the level of quality that just about any fangirl or fanboy should expect from their monthly title.

Chaos! #3 is the halfway point in a franchise reboot event and it is awesome! Whether you were invested in these properties or not there’s plenty of worthwhile material for everyone to downright enjoy. Recommended.

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