Captain Midnight #8 Review

Should you really care about a world embroiled with problems over fifty years in the making? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

On a mission to catch up with his future, Captain Midnight reunites with his long-lost love to learn how his hardware has made it into so many enemy hands. Revealing her own hunt for the Nazi Fury Shark, Cap’s old sweetheart turns his world upside down when she discloses the fate of his best friend!

Captain Midnight 8_Preview Page 1I’ll just say it: this is one of my favorite titles! And it has a lot to do with the clever wit delivered by this sterling creative team. They have a knack for offering up compelling anecdotes as they traverse familiar territory. We’ve seen the man out of time card played out before, especially in this genre, but it’s never been this much fun.

Joshua Williamson handles the narrative road for this jaunt, and once again he pushes our hero into a situation that needed to happen. A reunion with an old friend was long overdue, and the scribe absolutely sells it with a level of authenticity that’s just down right compelling. Add to it the fact that there’s an underlying social commentary and even a bit of timely humor wrapped around a conspiracy decades in the making and you have one hell of a comic. In short: if this is not on your pull-list than you letting the menacing Fury Shark win!

The art by Fernando Dagnino is spectacular. The talent has an honest skill for not only implementing a design sense that’s straight from the past but he can somehow embodying the quirks that modern fans have become accustomed to. It’s a visual barrage that’s enticing and my only complaint is that there were a handful of instances where I felt that the panels had too much negative space. Thankfully Javier Mena was there to fill in those voids.

Captain Midnight #8 is the type of adventure yarn that I hope to find when I travel to my local shop. It easily earns a recommendation from me.

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