Captain Midnight #16 Review

Is this a yarn worthy of Halloween? And if it is should fans avoid this outing? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Something’s stirring in the night, creeping and skulking at the edges of sight! A threat more savage than Captain Midnight’s faced before: a canine danger from fable and lore. As the darkness grows and the shadows deepen in this sinister story, you’ll be HOWLING for more!

Captain Midnight 16_Preview PageI have to say I’ve been excited about my October review pile ever since I saw this cover. And I’m happy to report that the creative team succeeds in celebrating the season without cheapening their part in Project Black Sky. It maintains its own unique core with a tale that understands its boundaries while also embracing the inherent zaniness of its premise.

Joshua Williamson takes Jim Albright for a spin in a jaunt that forces the newly rekindled spirit of our time displaced fighter to face some frightening odds. It’s within that context the audience is given a by the numbers horror jaunt complete with that innate personality which has allowed Captain Midnight to be an easily regarded franchise. Character sells the unbelievable moments, whether Agent Jones is on the verge of a fury frenzy or the citizens of Nightshade go howling mad, there’s plenty of worthwhile material within the confines of this sturdy script.

The visuals are on par with the text, as the talent from the first page to the final panel embraces the base realities of the superhero genre. Fernando Dagnino attacks each illustration with precise pencil strokes that only falter under minor moments where the details came off rather scarce or even inconsistent. Even so the colors by Javier Mena accentuate the positive, in a town that’s just survived a tremendous horror because of battle that was never their own.

Captain Midnight #16 may not be the best the series has to offer, but the team turns in an engaging adventure. It’s a little bit terror mixed with the usual kookiness which leads me to a point where I can’t help but recommend it.

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