Captain Midnight #15 Review

Can the franchise continue to soar? Or is it doomed to crash and burn? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The tech-obsessed madman Tempus has set fire to Captain Midnight’s local community and captured the hero, and now he’s about to pick his brain . . . literally! As the buildings burn and the buzz saw roars, can Captain Midnight save the day and mend his mind by being the hero and the man the people need?

Captain Midnight 15_Preview PageWhen I dive into any series for Unleash The Fanboy, I do so with the hope that I’m flipping through what will make the thirteen year old version of me grin. There’s a town on fire plus a man about to lose his brain, and so I think this qualifies as one of those books as there’s no doubt that the creative team offers enough to garner attention.

Joshua Williamson pens another strong entry for our man ripped from his own time. Recently the cast of this book had to deal with a loss of one of their own and the aftermath sent Jim Albright into a bearded bout of seclusion. But circumstances and a nightmare from World War II, gave Captain Midnight what he needed in order to pick up the fight. And so the author made sure that the sequence was there for our inventor to remember why Rick Marshall and others looked up to him.’

The visuals handed in by Manuel Garcia perfectly suit the text at play. In a world full of some outlandish, but rather familiar, superhero tropes there needed to be a guide of sorts that gave form to the functions within this release. The talent does just that with a barrage of excellent panels further complimented with dynamic colors by Marta Martínez. In other words: the comic has a fresh design sense that offers fluidity from beginning to end.

Captain Midnight #15 is a romp that’s worth owning. It does carry one particular sequence that didn’t sit well because it got a little bit too hokey, but that doesn’t stop it from earning a recommendation.

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