Is this still a winning concept? Or has the idea simply been run into the ground? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The blow-up hit series from 2013 is back with an all-new, all-monthly series! Rock returns home to find his city under siege, and you won’t believe who’s behind the mayhem. Featuring a LIBERTY JUSTICE back-up from Tyler Shainline and the Emmy Award winning Andy Suriano (Doc Bizarre & Samurai Jack)

Burn the Orphanage-Reign of Terror 1_Preview PageI’m not going to lie I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this fandom inspired saga since the previous volume wrapped up. So needless to say I had some built in expectations for this release and the creative team managed to deliver on them. So for old time’s sake grab the comic with a game controller nearby and revel in your youth!

Daniel Freedman and Sina Grace work together to pen this script and as far as openers go this is a more than sturdy start for a sequel. Picking up where Born to Lose left off, our hero, Rock, has returned to his city but it’s not the way he left it. Robot patrols, curfews and unlikely allies litter the pages with enough narrative meat and goofiness to continually sell the concept at play. We still have a beat ’em up with video game style sensibilities and that right there is more than enough of a reason to get fanboys and fangirls to pick this up!

The art by Sina Grace perfectly fits with the written word. He captures each character, their movement and the out of this world nature of a 16-bit action romp brought to a comic book without sacrificing its own details. There were a couple early panels where some of the faces seemed a bit off but with the colors handed in by Renee Keyes these minor instances were a passing issue. To sum up: this is a visually engaging read.

Burn the Orphanage: Reign of Terror #1 is a worthwhile outing and If you don’t pick up this latest entry it’s punishable by gamma blast and death claw! Recommended.

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