Will Buffy be able to fight alongside a group of vampires? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

New season. New rules. The age-old battle of Slayer vs. vampire is the focus of Buffy’s life once again—it’s downright nostalgic! But with all the toying with magic she’s done lately, this girl should know it’s time for another game change . . . Shouldn’t she?

Buffy Season 10 #1 variantIt’s hard to believe that it’s almost been eleven years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer left our screens and a further six years since the TV series first aired, yet the franchise has lived on well through comics. Since Season 8 started I have had mixed feelings, as despite these feelings being generally positive there have been some poor stories or issues to spoil the run.

Christos Gage writes the script for this issue with the former Angel and Faith writer moving to Buffy for Season 10. Cage did a fabulous job of bringing everyone up to speed, allowing it to be enjoyable for both old and new fans. This did however ultimately lead to the issue being a little slow at times, as despite this refresher being necessary it’s slowness lowered the overall tempo of the issue. Despite this the issue was overall very enjoyable, involving most of the beloved Buffy cast as well as having an exciting start. It also proved to have a fitting title showing that there was indeed “New Rules”.

Rebekah Isaacs’ art is simply astounding giving a fun and lively tone to the story. The sheer quality of her art is simply outstanding with the detail and layouts giving a smooth and punchy flow to this story. I especially enjoyed seeing how Isaacs handled the vampires in this issue, with their unique and sinister style giving the Buffy vibe to this series. There’d also be a dynamic flare to Isaacs’ art with the action being very exhilarating. Isaacs’ art received the perfect finishing touches in the form of Dan Jackson‘s colours which were very intense and vibrant. I also have to give props to Steve Morris who yet again produced a wonderful cover.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 gets of to a cracking start as despite it being slow at times the developments were both shocking and intriguing. Highly recommended.

  • + Perfect catch-up issue.
  • + Fun and exciting art from Rebekah Isaacs.
  • + There really are "New Rules".
  • - A little slow at times.

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