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The Black Bat #10 Review

The Black Bat 10_C
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Despite the events in #9, is this vigilante a hero that’s worth following? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The Black Bat is forced to deal with the idea of betrayal in his own inner circle. Also, the blowback from his prison break-in escalates as he is declared public enemy number one; and the war against him is brought right to his doorstep.

The Black Bat 10_Variant CoverThere’s always a moment in the odyssey of any caped crusader that defines who they are. It’s a decision that tests their morals while they discover how far they’re actually willing to go to see their quest fully realized. It’s part of their unique journey and the creative team makes sure to highlight that fact even as the real villain stands revealed and police tactics meet civilian disobedience.

Brian Buccellato knows how to write a compelling yarn. The author offers up our former mob attorney but now blinded vigilante to the realities of the world. Tony Quinn has been through a lot in pursuit of justice, but this is a turning point for the character if for no other reason than he now understands who his real target is. There are some shortcomings in the dialogue as some of the conversations feel a bit heavy handed, looking at you Silk, but even so the scribe gives up some honest emotion to sell this outlandish tale with a striking cliffhanger.

The art handed in by Ronan Cliquet acts as not only a memorable component but an aspect of this endeavor that continually uplifts the narrative actions within. From The Black Bat to the people in his life, this talent knows how to nail their renditions will still giving enough room for style without sacrificing substance along the way. Add in the colors done by Viviane Souza and we’re all left with a dynamic dance that nearly turns this comic book into a must own for any discerning fanboy or fangirl.

The Black Bat #10 is a highly entertaining outing that only stumbles slightly on its way out the gate. For that reason it easily comes recommended.

  • + The Black Bat written by Brian Buccellato... 'nuff said!
  • + Offers questions of morality that are worth exploring.
  • + Ronan Cliquet kills it with a memorable display!
  • - Comic carries some heavy handed conversations...

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