Big Trouble in Little China #2 Review

Can this cult revival continue to deliver the goods or will it decline quickly? Read on to find out.

The official description from BOOM! Studios:

Before, Jack Burton and Wang had to save Wang’s kidnapped-bride-to-be. Now, Wang’s the one who’s been kidnapped and Jack Burton’s back in action! Jack and Egg Shen travel through Chinatown’s Black Road and the villains Jack faced before have something new on their mind: REVENGE!

Big Trouble in Little China #2 variantBig Trouble in Little China got off to a fun start proving to be a decent continuation from the cult film. The developments in this issue on the other hand made me question the longevity of this series. Now don’t get me wrong I found it to be an enjoyable read with some fun humour. On the other hand there was nothing that really stunned me with the plot itself going off on a slight tangent.

Eric Powell and John Carpenter do a decent job of continuing this story with the dialogue in Powell’s script being very amusing at times. The light humour that Pete the Demon brings really appealed to me as along with Eggs daring antics it really brought a smile to my face. In addition to this Jack’s brash attitude and recollection of past wives also proved entertaining. Despite this however it wasn’t enough for me to overlook the random nature of the issue with the lack of development being a let down.

Brian Churilla‘s quirky and eccentric artwork continues to suit this series perfectly with his sharp inks allowing it to stand out. The way that he lays out his art continues to impress with the character/scenery positioning adding depth to the story. The eye-catching and charming facial expressions also continues to captivate as whether it was the drooling grin of Pete or the squeamish reactions of Eggs it gave a comic tone to the dialogue. Michael Garland also once again delivers striking colours with the poster like cover of Powell also astounding.

Big Trouble in Little China takes a questionable turn of events as despite the humour and comedy being as strong as the opening issue the story development left a lot to be desired. It does however do enough to merit a recommendation from me.

  • + Charming humour from the one and only Jack Burton.
  • + Eric Powell’s script delivers amusing dialogue.
  • + Quirky art from Brian Churilla.
  • - Story goes off on a random tangent.

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