Can this series act as a fitting continuation to the cult classic or is it a series you should leave on the shelves? Read on to find out.

The official description from BOOM! Studios:

Jack Burton, a macho, truck-driving adventurer, finds a stowaway hiding on his rig, The Pork Chop Express, but that soon becomes the least of his troubles. He helped his best friend Wang save his fiancée from the clutches of a demon, but now the wedding has been invaded by more evil forces with one thing on their minds—revenge against Jack Burton!

Big Trouble in Little China #1 variantAfter almost thirty years the 1986 cult classic Big Trouble in Little China gets continued with BOOM! Studio’s latest movie related series continuing straight from where the film left off. The story sees Jack return to San Francisco’s Chinatown district after finding the Hell-Beast that attached itself to the back of his truck during the films climax.

John Carpenter himself along with Goon writer Eric Powell handle the story for this series with Powell also handling script duties. Right off the bat we get the kind of feel that the classic film gave us with Powell’s comic tone flowing in quickly. This goofy and comic tone really helps give a fun vibe to the story and though at times it may feel a little too goofy it certainly livens it up a lot. Despite this the story doesn’t hit every high note with the pace being slightly erratic at times.

Brian Churilla handles the art on this series bringing a look that fit’s the style of the film whilst also being unique. The way that he captured the characters likenesses really impressed me with his layouts giving a cinematic vibe throughout. Churilla also gave excitement and energy with Jack’s facial expressions adding to the comic tone of his character. On top of this we also get wonderful colours from Michael Garland as well as a stunning cover from Powell himself, with the latter having a film poster feel to it.

Big Trouble in Little China returns and if you’re a fan of the film you’ll be extremely happy as Carpenter, Powell and Churilla bring Jack Burton and the Pork Chop Express back in a fun and exciting way. Highly recommended.

  • + Carpenter and Powell bring Jack and the Pork Chop Express back!
  • + Unique and energetic artwork from Brian Churilla.
  • + Quirky and fun jokes that match the film perfectly.
  • - Pacing a little erratic at times.

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