Batwoman Annual #1 Review

A comic that honestly needs to be is here, but should you care? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

Batwoman vs. Mr. Bones! Will the DEO triumph over Kate, or will she cross the line and free herself for good! Lingering questions are answered as long-standing conflicts reach their final resolutions.

Batwoman Annual 1_Preview PageThe whole package is a prime example of what works within this off-shoot of the longstanding mythology surrounding Gotham City and its costumed crime fighters. And thanks to a more than sturdy creative team, and despite some overly annoying corny bits, the saga of this particular caped crusader continues to be a fitting addition to the overall franchise. To sum up: if you like the title you’re bound to enjoy this action packed finale.

Marc Andreyko handles the script and the scribe ends a narrative that wasn’t forgotten. The interactions between our primary vigilante and the legendary Batman were top-notch, but bits along the way were predictable. ¬†And that right there is what really plagued the journey of the text. We were given a solid round of closure but every step felt choreographed as we were all lead to a predetermined end-game. Even so I can’t help but complement the written word as the talent did a solid job keeping the edition entertaining from beginning to end.

Trust me when I say that the visual side, handled by Trevor McCarthy and Moritat, is more than competent. ¬†Offering an array of images that capture the dynamic actions of these known players we see illustrations that pop off the page. With thick and thin lines acting as a solid foundation I can’t help but mention the colors handed in by Guy Major. Add all the elements together and you’re left with a cemented look in a franchise that’s been graced by unique designs and originality.

Batwoman Annual #1 is a solid release that may play it a bit safe but it does enough right to earn a purchase from its devoted followers. At the end of the day if you’re fan of Kate Kane this conclusion comes recommended.

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