Batwoman #31 Review

With so many Batman related titles, should you even bother paying attention to this sister series? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

The final battle between Batwoman and the Wolf Spider rages across Gotham City! What was hidden in the paintings, and why? A mystery that dates back almost a century is solved, but the danger has never been greater!

Batwoman 31_Variant CoverWhen it comes to the night above this iconic corner of the New 52, there are plenty of heroes that take terror and use it against the criminal element. So what set’s this apart from the rest? It’s simple. The quality brought forth by a compelling protagonist that’ll never outshine Bruce Wayne but has enough going on to gets fans to root for her.

Marc Andreyko continues his stint with this particular caped crusader, but it’s the character’s time outside the costume that honestly has me intrigued. Kate Kane is a tough and competent protagonist that’s facing some interesting problems in both her personal and vigilante life, but thankfully after this issue comes to an end so does the sprawling mystery involving some hidden treasure. The foundation for future distractions with the Wolf Spider and a sure to be hard fought custody battle will easily catch the attention of even the most discerning follower. In short: the scribe builds up what’s next for Batwoman with confidence and ease.

In the short history of this re-imagined character, there have been quite a few capable talents that have graced this series but the moody atmosphere crafted by Jeremy Haun stands tall among them. He easily offers renditions that may be a bit different than what people might have come to expect from this title, as he embodies traditional mechanics with a dash of horror to blend a unique vision that complements the text. Add in the colors by Guy Major and this is one comic book that carries a fitting display that deserves your attention.

Batwoman #31 doesn’t re-write the fight for Gotham, but it does offer a solid few reasons to get invested and buy this monthly franchise. Recommended.

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