Batwoman #30 Review

Despite the controversy behind the scenes, is this still a staple title from the New 52? Or should fans simply just avoid it from now on? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

Assault on Arkham Asylum! Wolf Spider needs one more painting, and Batwoman will do anything to keep it out of his hands – even if it means entering the notorious asylum!

Batwoman 30_Preview PageOur caped crusader has been through a lot, and now things in the world of Kate Kane just keep getting more complicated. Thanks to a strong creative team we get to see a heroine put through the wringer as the conclusion of this particular arc seems more in sight than ever before. That said there’s a piece of paper that’ll certainly shake things up in the issues ahead, as her personal life could face a serious toll soon.

Marc Andreyko keeps the personality of our protagonist in play, as the cliffhanger from #29 takes some time to be fully resolved. It’s an action packed outing that keeps the script relatively light as a striking pace presses all the dominoes forward. And as they go tumbling down toward a determined finishing point there’s a sub-plot that rears its head. And I have to say at this point, beyond any of the costumed shenanigans, the author has my interest for however that specific element turns out. In short: this is a good outing that’s worth a look.

The illustrations by Jeremy Haun are easily what makes this particular yarn not only digestible but a must own. He captures a moody atmosphere that suits the players involved and Gotham City itself, even as we’re introduced to some goofy villains. Add in the colors by Guy Major and you have a comic release that’s worth its price of admission. There were some corny bits but I was too distracted by the renditions to let them hamper the experience.

Batwoman #30 is a good book but a chunk of the mystery is quickly resolved, so much so that I found myself underwhelmed. Still there’s enough to earn a recommendation from me.

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