Battlestar Galactic #12 Review

Can Boxey and Muffy find a safe place to play aboard the Galactica or is this impossible? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

A day in the life aboard Galactica… as seen through the eyes of two of the smallest characters aboard: Boxey and his Daggit! What is life like for an innocent boy growing up in the strange, dangerous, exciting and often lonely world? An unusual and compelling take on life on the Galactica!

Battlestar Galactica #12 variantThis one-shot story sees a tale told through the eyes of one of Galactica’s youngest passengers, Boxey. The story sees the little guy attempt to find a safe place to play with his Daggit Muffy. Which is easier said than done when it comes to the Galactica. This lighthearted caper really grabbed my interest as though some fans will dislike this change in style I actually found it to be a brilliant alternative.

Dan Abnett writers his best Battlestar Galactica script yet. At least in my opinion. The way that he tells this one-shot story through the most innocent of eyes really made it powerful, showing that though war is an ever constant presence on the Galactica that one child can still find time to have some fun. I also really enjoyed how Abnett handled the interactions between Boxey and the crew members as along with Boxey’s brilliant narration it really added to the soft tone of the issue.

Cezar Razek‘s art also had a lot to do with the tone of this one-shot tale with his beautiful pencils working perfectly alongside Abnett’s script. What impressed me the most about Razek’s art was the way that he captured the emotion of this story along with the smooth and powerful way he laid his work out. He also did a stellar job of giving us dynamic and energetic vibes throughout as though the main tone of the issue was focused towards the innocents and mischief of Boxey it still found room to be exciting at the same time. On top of this Vincius Townsend also contributed fabulous colours which also helped to enhance the look of this tale.

Battlestar Galactica #12 gives us a emotional one-shot tale that shows how innocents and fun can still be found during a war. Highly recommended.

  • + Dan Abnett produces his best script yet!
  • + Beautiful artwork from Cezar Razek.
  • + A Boxey focused story.
  • + Shows the innocence of childhood perfectly.

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