Batman/Superman #11 Review

Can Batman and Wonder Woman find anything in the Phantom Zone that’ll help Superman? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

With Superman having turned himself in to the authorities, Batman and Wonder Woman, with Steel and Krypto’s help, plunge into the Phantom Zone to discover what Doomsday’s origins are. But something has happened to the endless void! Within the deepest part of the Phantom Zone lurks someone who will either help the team or doom them even more!

Batman Superman #11 variantBatman/Superman enters Superman: Doomed which is quite surprising considering it originally wasn’t linked to the crossover. Nonetheless the issue gave a different perspective on the event with Batman’s thoughts being very intriguing. The issue did however feel more like a tie-in opposed to part of an ongoing story as though it continues from where Superman/Wonder Woman left off it also felt rather self contained.

Greg Pak produces a script that is wonderfully narrated with Batman’s thought process being key to this issues success. The way that Pak has made this feel connected to the event whilst also keeping the feel of Batman/Superman is really amazing as though the Superman part may be missing, the character himself wasn’t forgotten. Despite this I did feel the issue was a little too hectic with a little too much going on. It was however still a great issue being a brilliant addition to the Superman: Doomed crossover.

The artwork for this issue is handled by Karl Kerschl, Tom Derenick and Daniel Sampere. The similarity of styles really helps the flow and dynamic of this issue as though it’s far from impossible to differentiate between the three artists the overall similarity makes the transitions much smoother. Added to this the layout and exciting action also added a lot of energy to this issue. Despite this most of the credit for the look of this issue has to go to Hi-Fi as his colours really set the scene giving a fabulous look to the Phantom Zone.

Batman/Superman fits nicely into the Superman: Doomed crossover as though there’s no Superman in this issue with the content feeling slightly hectic it was still an enjoyable read. Recommended.

  • + Greg Pak gives a different perspective to the event.
  • + Vibrant artwork form Kerschl, Derenick and Sampere.
  • + Exciting trip to the Phantom Zone!
  • - No Superman for this issue.

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