Batman/Superman #10 Review

What miniature creatures have caused Batman to go into a comma and will Superman and Dr. Ray Palmer be able to save the Dark Knight? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Following the events of FIRST CONTACT, witness the last days of Batman and Superman of Earth 2 from a new perspective.

Batman Superman #10 variantBatman/Superman takes a diversion from current events with a one-shot story that sees Superman and Dr. Ray Palmer (better known to most as the Atom) go into Batman’s head to save him from microscopic beings. The story itself is a fun alternative to the norm as despite allowing the normal creative team to catch-up it also works as a great teaser for possible future events.

The series sees a temporary change in writers with the illustrious Jeff Lemire taking over for one issue. The Green Arrow/Justice League United writer proves yet again that he can master any character in the DC Universe as though the story itself isn’t one of his best he’s certainly got the characters down to a t. The character interaction between Superman and Palmer is simply captivating as the difference in characteristics along with the mutual respect allows for some entertaining dialogue. I did however find the story to be a little inconsistently paced as it started slightly slow and ended suddenly. Nevertheless still a terrific entry to the series.

The artwork in this issue is split between Karl Kerschl and Scott Hepburn. They’re art is that dissimilar that unless the issue credited what pages each artist worked on it’d be hard to tell who did what. The fun and elegant style suited the story perfectly with the energetic layouts giving a dynamic edge. They also did a wonderful job of adding excitement as well with their action sequences basically exploding off the pace. The sharp inks of Kerschl and Hepburn along with Gabe Elaeb‘s colours also added to the tone, giving a bold finish to their work.

Batman/Superman #10 is a fun alternative to the series usual tone also teasing a possible future event for the series. Highly recommended.

  • + Jeff Lemire gives a entertaining one-shot story.
  • +Karl Kerschl and Scott Hepburn's art is superb.
  • + A surprise origin in the background.
  • - Solicitation is wrong.

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