Batman: Eternal #7 Review

Will Falcone get any closer to his goals? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

New players enter the gang war that’s setting Gotham City ablaze!

BMETRL_7_1_537a16cf4fa076.98106939Batman: Eternal drives on from the very sudden climax of last issue with this issue jumping straight into action. The way that the story keeps pace whilst jumping between two different sequences was very impressive as Falconeā€™s attempt to divide and conquer really added excitement to the series.

Tim Seeley takes on script duties for this issue with Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV continuing to produce the core story and Ray Fawkes and John Layman remaining consulting writers. Seeley does an excellent job of continuing from where the last issue left off with Falcone’s manipulation giving great development points. The additions of Penguin and Catwoman also helped make this much more exciting as though I was purely happy to see more development to the whole Falcone situation it was nice to see these two legendary characters play a part in the mayhem.

Former Talon artists Emanuel Simeoni jumps on board as artist for this issue, creating a visually exciting issue. His style along with the detail of his artwork really impressed me as though there were a couple of technical points that I disliked it was overall very dynamic. The way that he captured the emotion of the characters, showing their personalities also appealed to me as it gave a livelier vibe to the issue. On top of this we also get wonderful colours from Blond and yet another fantastic cover from Andy Kubert.

Batman: Eternal starts to give us the kind of developments it promised with Falcone’s plans giving an intriguing road for Batman to follow. Recommended.

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