Batman: Eternal #6 Review

What will happen when the Spectre comes to Gotham? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Something hellish is brewing in the tunnels under Arkham Asylum…and Batman’s going to need the help of The Spectre to stop it!

Batman Eternal #6Batman: Eternal has been an amazing series since it started but it’s starting to drop in quality with each passing issue. The weekly status of the series is definitely catching-up as the story becomes even more detached from it’s original development points.

Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV continue to flesh out the story of Batman: Eternal with Ray Fawkes writing the actual script. As usual John Layman and Tim Seeley also feature as consulting writers. Fawkes’ history with the Spectre in the pages of Constantine definitely make him the perfect candidate to handle his appearance in Gotham with his influence changing the tone of this series big time. The dialogue shared between the character and Batman as well as Batwing’s appearance especially appealed to me. The issue did however feel only half and issue and along with it almost feeling like a stopgap issue.

Former Batwoman artist Trevor McCarthy picks up the art duties for this issue with the experienced Batman artist doing a stellar job. The way he captures the mystic tone of this issue blew my mind as between Gentleman Ghost’s appearance at the start and Spectre’s occult abilities I was very impressed. I also enjoyed the unique and energetic layout of his art as it had a sleek flow throughout. On top of this we also got intense colours from Guy Major and a stunning cover from Andy Kubert.

Batman: Eternal continues to be a terrific read but the weekly aspect is certainly starting to take it’s toll. I still however enjoyed it enough to recommend it.

  • + Mysterious tale from Snyder, Tynion IV and Fawkes.
  • + More of the Bat-Family get involved.
  • - Felt like half an issue.
  • - Distancing itself more and more from the initial story.

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