Batman: Eternal #3 Review

How will Stephanie Brown’s introduction change to scope of this story? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

A gang war erupts in Gotham City, but the G.C.P.D. doesn’t plan to help Batman stop it. Plus: The return of a fan-favorite Batman supporting character: Stephanie Brown!

BMETRL-3-1-e622bBatman: Eternal is quickly becoming the must have Batman series, as though the Zero Year story remains as captivating as ever this weekly is much more interesting. The issue saw many developments including a change in the Gotham City Police Department as well an appearance from the Penguin all of which added intrigue. In saying that these developments didn’t have anywhere near as big an affect on me as the introduction of Stephanie Brown to the New 52 and I’m sure there’ll be many that will be happy about her return.

Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV once again handle the script with Ray Fawkes, John Layman and Tim Seeley once again acting as consulting writers. The duo have really been on a roll when it comes to this amazing story with every twist and turn proving to be as captivating as the previous. The way that they handled Stephanie Brown’s reintroduction along with the developments in the GCPD was simply awe-inspiring as though the developments themselves weren’t as shocking as they could have been the overall suspense that this adds is amazing.

Jason Fabok once again excels with the artwork on this issue with the sleek dark style being perfect for this series. The way that Fabok captures the dark tone of the Caped Crusader has always astounded me as has his ability to give gripping and exciting panels. It is however his attention to detail that amazes me the most as whether a character, facial expression or scenery it all is flawless. We also yet again get phenomenal colours from Brad Anderson with his dark pallet working perfectly alongside Fabok’s pencils and inks.

Batman: Eternal continues to astound and with the introduction of Stephanie Brown as well as the drastic change to the GCPD it looks to get even better. Highly recommended.

  • + Stephanie Brown finally arrives in the New 52!
  • + Snyder and Tynion IV nail it with their captivating script.
  • + Awesome artwork from Jason Fabok.
  • + Suspenseful developments.

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