Batman: Eternal #15 Review

Now that Falcone has been taking care off what’s the next major event to happen in Gotham? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Who is behind the hell beneath Arkham Asylum? Can Batwing and Jim Corrigan hope to stop it before it breaks out and consumes all of Gotham City?

BMETERNAL-15Batman: Eternal moves on from the gripping conclusion to the Falcone scenario, giving a continuation to the events that Batwing and James Corrigan (aka Spektor) were investigating during Batman: Eternal #6. The issue also manages to tie-in the Joker’s Daughter/Scarecrow teaser into these events as well as shed a smidgen of development to Batgirl’s and Red Robin’s respective missions. And if that all wasn’t enough we also get a small cameo from Batwoman.

Much like Batman: Eternal #6 Ray Fawkes once again handles the script duties on this magic based tale with Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV once again plotting the story and John Layman and Tim Seeley acting as contributing writers. Overall Fawkes does a terrific job continuing the events from Batman: Eternal #6 as though in all honesty I kind of forgot all about them it was nice to see some follow-up. Despite this I did find the issue to be a little too overpowering with too much going on.

Legendary Batman artist Dustin Nguyen also tackles his second issue of the series and as ever produces stunning art. His solid pencils and smooth prove to be a joy to view with the dynamic character positioning adding a lot of drama. He also manages to set a dark yet exciting tone to the issue really enhancing the darker tones of this magic centred issue.To finish things off we also get sharp inks from Derek Fridolfs and vivid colours from John Kalisz.

Batman: Eternal continues to be a thrilling read as though sometimes I feel it’s trying to do too much at once, the intense and dramatic moments kind of make it worth it. Recommended.

  • + Some follow-up to the Batwing/Spector acts in Batman: Eternal #6.
  • + Ray Fawkes delivers an intriguing script.
  • + Dustin Nguyen kills it on the artwork.
  • - A little too much happening for one issue.

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