Bad Blood #5 Review

Will Trick and Lolly get out alive or will the vampires rule the world? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The big showdown between man and monster takes place in the vampires’ lair and the fate of humanity is on the line.

Bad Blood #5The best vampire comic book story of this generation comes to an end as Bad Blood reaches it’s gripping conclusion. This may be a bold statement but for me the sheer humanity and mortality on display has been what has made this awesome as though supernatural vamp stories are brilliant this deeper approach is more intriguing.

Jonathan Maberry closes this story in a fabulous fashion as though it doesn’t trump the perfect opening it proves to be the next best issue. The twists and turns that he gives us though slightly predictable added a lot of drama and suspense to this conclusion with the character interaction and emotion adding tremendous depth. Maberry also gave us some brilliant vamp history with the association to famous figures being very clever. I did however find the ultimate ending to be slightly sudden and quick at coming though it did have a more realistic tone than most comic book endings.

From #1-5 Tyler Crook has never failed to impress with his art being more than perfect alongside Maberry’s script. The quirkiness of Crooks art has added both charm and grit to this epic tale with it aiding the more light-hearted sequences whilst also being intense during the more gruesome parts. Crook also gives a lot of drama and emotion through the character expressions with the sudden change of tone being awe-inspiring. If this wasn’t enough he also produces stunning colours with his unique pallet acting as the perfect overtone for the story.

Bad Blood may have come to an end but it does so with style, being intriguing till the end. Highly recommended.

  • + Gripping conclusion from Jonathan Maberry.
  • + Astonishing art from Tyler Crook.
  • + Interesting twists.
  • - Sudden ending.

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