Bad Blood #3 Review

Will Lolly and Trick find the Vampire Hunter they’re looking for? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Trick and Lolly continue their hunt for vampires, though their research seems to be at a dead end. But when they get a little too close to the truth, the watching bloodsuckers attack! Thankfully, their Craigslist post has paid off, and a hero comes to their rescue!

badbld3p1Bad Blood has been one of the best vampire series I’ve read in recent years, and most definitely the most unique. This tale of tainted blood that has the vamps on the ropes has been more than interesting, with the depth of character and emotional background giving a realistic overtone that improves the overall experience.

Jonathan Maberry takes things up a notch in this issue, as he finally introduces some proper defence against the vampires. The way that he continues from last issues gripping cliffhanger is simply amazing, giving an explosive start to this one. Maberry also gives more depth to Lolly, shedding more light on her background, showing a change of attitude towards vampires. If this isn’t enough to get you fanboy blood pumping then the odd but of humour along with yet another action packed ending makes this a terrific midpoint for this mini-series.

Tyler Crook yet again astounded me with his artwork, continuing to match the tone of this story perfectly. The overall detail of Crook’s art was very consistent, with his layouts giving a smooth flow to the issue. He also managed to give a very lively feel to the issue, as between the powerful character expressions and explosive action there was a lot of intensity to spare. Despite all this it’d be Crook’s fantastic colours that one again impressed me the most, with the deep colours and punchy tone adding terrific atmosphere to this story.

Bad Blood has reached it’s midpoint, and what a way to do so. The introduction of a new character as well as the mindset of the vampires has added a lot of intensity to this unique series, and I for one look forward to seeing what Maberry produces next.

  • + Jonathan Maberry gives a drastic development to this fantastic mini.
  • + Tyler Crook's art continues to be astonishing.
  • + Great character development for Lolly.
  • - The start was ever so slightly predicable.

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