Ash and the Army of Darkness #6 Review

How will Ash’s quest to find Sheila and the Book of the Dead fair? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

A new adventure awaits Ash in the Dark Wood as he tries to find Evil Sheila and the Book of the Dead. But Sheila is too busy trying to resurrect a new undead husband to bother with Ash.

Ash and the Army of Darkness #6 variantThe first arc of Ash and the Army of Darkness left me questioning whether this’d be a worth while series going forward as despite the good ending the penultimate issue left a sour taste that’s still not faded. I can however say that this issue has virtually removed that lingering though giving the kind of development that this series needs.

Steve Niles does a great job of taking this series to the next level as well as making it new reader friendly. The way he opens the issue with a younger Ash really appealed to me, as though the context of the sequence may have been a little coincidental it was very clever and unique. He also quickly starts to give plenty of depth and development to this arc with every twist and turn having me captivated. Despite this there’s still minor quibbles that need worked on, though the series as a whole is definitely heading in the right direction.

We get a change in artist for this issue with the talented artist behind the recent Annual, Nacho Tenorio taking over from Dennis Calero (at least for this arc). Tenorio has really impressed me with his work on both this issue and the Annual as though not quite at the same level as Calero, the lively layouts really appeals to me. The overall detail and quality however were a little inconsistent as despite being generally good there were some rough patches that looked slightly rough. We did however get wonderful colours from Inlight Studios which matched the style that Calero set in the previous issues perfectly.

Ash and the Army of Darkness has had new life injected into it as though there’s still room for improvement it’s once again getting me excited for future issues. Recommended.

  • + Steve Niles gets the second arc of to a terrific start.
  • + Dynamic layouts from Nacho Tenorio.
  • + Groovy new attachment for Ash's missing hand.
  • - Art wasn't always smooth.

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