Can Ash get married without a hitch and what’s the worst that could happen from saying “the Faceless Man” three times (oops I said it once)? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Ash and Sheila are reunited and Ash vows they will never be separated again. Can evil stop evil? This will be the question Ash will have to answer now that he has unleashed the Faceless Man on the land.

AshHitched01CovFrancavillaFollowing a terrific end to what’s easily described as an average series Ash gets set to marry Sheila. Now naturally they don’t tie the knot in this issue as that’d be a little premature for a four part mini but we do get some build-up as well as speculation about the Faceless Man (oh no I did it again). All this coupled with a formidable threat made this a cracking start to what hopefully will be a terrific mini.

Steve Niles has been doing a good job expanding the world of the Army of Darkness as though it’s yet to astound me, actually infuriating me a times he certainly captures the tone and darkness. In this issue he manages to build up some tension concerning the threat of the Faceless Man (oh heck that’s me said it thrice, now we’re all doomed) with Ash’s disconcern over the matter along with a brutal encounter grabbing my attention. To cap things off Niles also throws in a curve ball concerning Ash and Shiela which makes their marriage all the more interesting.

Nacho Tenorio continues to handle the illustrations for this story with his art continuing to impress me more with every passing issue. The detail of his art along with his sharp inks astound for the most part and along with the energetic layouts they add a lot of depth to the issue. I also found the character positioning and scenery to be very appealing as though I wasn’t a fan of some of the solid backgrounds the more detailed ones certainly added some dynamic. Rounding off the art Kelly Fitzpatrick once again produces bold and eye catching colours.

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched gets off to an awesome start having some intense developments as well as a lot of speculation. Highly recommended.

  • + Ash torments Wiseman by repeating an unspeakable name.
  • + Steve Niles build tension.
  • + Nacho Tenorio delivers striking illustrations.
  • - Maybe a little too much speculation.

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