The Adventures of Apocalypse Al #2 Review

Her adventures continue, but should you care? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

You know your day is off to a crummy start when Ultimate Darkness gives you an up-close-and-personal tour of their planned Apocalypse. Then, when the screaming stops, you still have the techno-wizard who has his eyes on your bra and the keys to the Cybervoid, not to mention killer viruses, guilt-inducing apparitions from the afterlife, and a dozen three-inch-tall, machine gun-toting imps determined to blow you and your car into the next world. That’s just the start of the day for Allison Carter in her desperate attempt to prevent the End of the World. Step up for one of the funniest and most surreal detective stories ever printed about someone named Al.

Apocalypse Al 2_Preview Page 1For this investigator: the obstacles  just keep piling up. And as the creative team continues to spin their wheels it’s refreshing to a see the female equivalent of Dean Winchester on the comic page.

J. Michael Straczynski pens the script and the scribe offers a  competent but overly wordy tale. He gives us a strong protagonist and a worthwhile jaunt, but at the same time I noticed that the style of the author created scenarios that were simply buried in exposition. The overwhelming narration slowed the pace and took away from the more important moments. The bulk of what we hold is more functional, as a strong lead carries a zany arc that could be a potential contender somewhere down the road.

The art by Sid Kotain matches the tempo with only a few minor stumbles along the way. The transition between the physical world and the cybernetic realm just seemed rather bland, as a simple wardrobe change turned out to be the one tangible difference between the two dimensions. That said, the talent offered up a sleek and slender display that suits our beautiful heroine and her spunky attitude. Add in the colors by Bill Farmer and you have a striking package.

The Adventures of Apocalypse Al #2 is a thrilling yarn that does enough right to earn a look. Recommended.

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