Aphrodite IX #10 Review

What will happen when the other IX’s come for Aphrodite? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Aphrodite IX finally gets some vengeance. Heads will roll.

AIX010_preview02Aphrodite IX is one of my favourite series at the moment with the exciting yet deep story never failing to disappoint. As it’s creeping ever closer to it’s conclusion we get even more information behind the Aphrodite Protocol and the other IX’s all of which does a fantastic job of setting up the follow-on series that’ll be out later this year.

Matt Hawkins has slowed the pace of this series down quite dramatically in this issue and though this may be a risky decision so late in the series it proves to be a clever one. The way that Hawkins continues to build the mystery of the other IX’s really grabs my attention with the sequence showing Aphrodite alongside them in a previous life being a nice touch. We also see the return of his fabulous narration and though he proved he can write a great issue without any the depth it adds is well worth it.

I’d be seriously shocked if the day came where I disliked Stjepan Šejic art as it doesn’t seem to matter what he draws it’s always phenomenal. The detail and elaborate layouts always amaze as despite making the story visually amazing it also adds a lot of intensity. The way he shows emotion and tension is truly outstanding as whether it’s Aphrodite in action or the facial expressions during dialogue it always adds brilliant tempo. It remains however his painted colours that I love the most as the vibrancy and sleekness is what makes them stand out also giving a beautiful finish to his already stunning work.

Aphrodite IX may only have one issue left before it becomes a newly titled series but it’s certainly ending with intriguing events all of which make me upset about it ending though excited for it’s replacement. Highly recommended.

  • + Matt Hawkins gives great background to the Aphrodite Protocol.
  • + Stjepan Šejic's art is more than beautiful.
  • + the other IX's get some action.
  • - Only one more issue after this.

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