Angry Birds #3 Review

Angry Bird’s latest meme is back . And while Angry Birds the comic does nothing to further the overall franchise, it does a decent job of keeping die-hard fans hooked on those much loved pig-and-bird adventures.

Here’s the official word from IDW:

A stick, a rubber band, some birds, a few pigs… what else do a pair of Eisner-nominated writers need to make comics fun again? YOU! Join us as we catapult into the third issue of Angry Birds Comics featuring brand new, fun-filled stories for kids of every age!

The old adage that lowered expectations is the key to happiness is especially true with Angry 3950787-03Birds #3. While more picky fans might have hoped that a narrative that features quarreling characters might have followed the more innovative route of say, Spy vs. Spy, IDW’s latest stab at making money off the Angry Bird’s franchise feels a bit more tame and a bit less creative than it could be. For issue #3 writers Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin mostly riff off the special features of the video game, crafting stories that highlight the various powers of our favorite birds. At it’s worst, it feels like an infomercial, reminding readers of who does what — while not necessarily hoping to offer an innovative “why.” For my money, the only real imaginative story was “A Little Off the Top” offered by Paul Tobin in which the pigs become obsessed with finding toupee. There are moments of genuine humor there, and it’s worth checking out.

If not the stories, then real treat of Angry Birds #3 is the art, brought to us by Corrado Mastantuono, Stefano Intini and Diane Fayolle. This trio seems to take a special delight in finding new ways to present characters who lack major appendages and it’s fun to watch (the pigs especially) open doors, don crowns, and operate telescopes.

For fans of the Angry Bird franchise, issue #3 offers more of what yo already love  — but nothing new.

+ Fun for Fans - But Not For Most

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