Angel & Faith Season 10 #3 Review

Is Faith in trouble for doing the right thing and is Angel any closer to solving his mystery? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Angel has found everyone is going to the same person in London’s Magic Town for advice—and it’s decidedly not him. But she is someone Angel can take partial credit for . . . And the pixie menaces have stepped up their muscle with another lady from Angel’s past. Meanwhile, Faith is screwing up. Again.

Angel & Faith Season 10 #3 variantFollowing the explosive climax to last issue Angel & Faith kicks off in a exciting way with Faith continuing her fight with the demon. But is she doing the right thing here? I’ll avoid going into too many details but basically Faith gets in a spot of trouble due to her actions. This twist brought a brilliant question of morals and intrigue to the future of her development. Angel’s quest on the other hand is continuing to lose my interest as despite having some good points as well as giving a gripping climax to the issue it seems a bit lacklustre.

Victor Gischler continues to tell a story of two halves with Faith continuing her work for Deepscan and Angel continuing to explore the mysteries of Magic Town. Though we aren’t far into this series I am already starting to see which of these is more intriguing and that has to be Faith’s developments. Gischler seems to put so much more energy into her sequences with the dialogue being much more intense. When it comes to Angel he seems to be playing a longer build-up game and though he gives suspense and intrigue during this the polarity in pace compared to Faith’s sequences does hurt the overall flow slightly.

Will Conrad continues to kill it with the art for this series with his realistic yet dynamic style being simply marvellous. His highly detailed pencils along with the energetic layouts give a smooth and explosive flow to the issue. These layouts also do a stellar job of enhancing emotion as well as highlight the more intense action. Add to this Conrad’s wonderful inks and Michelle Madsen vivid colours and what’s not to love about these superbly amazing visuals.

Angel & Faith Season 10 continues to twist a entertaining take but the difference between plot developments gives an unbalanced tone to the story. Nevertheless it continues to be very enjoyable so I highly recommend it.

  • + Victor Gischler writes a script full of interest and suspense.
  • + As ever stunning and realist artwork from Will Conrad.
  • + Moral questions from Faith’s employers.
  • - Angel’s development is starting to feel slightly lacklustre.

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