Angel & Faith Season 10 #2 Review

How will Faith settle into her new job and will Angel get any answers? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

As Faith awkwardly settles into her new job at Kennedy’s bodyguards-for-hire company, Angel is finding that he knows less than everyone about what is going on in London’s magic town. Trying to get to the bottom of a fiendish group of scheming pixies, Angel travels further down a really wrong road . . .

Angel and Faith Season 10 #2 variantAngel & Faith Season 10 got off to an excellent start and in my opinion was even better than the first issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is however very little to differentiate both series’ second issues with both being good but not quite amazing.

Victor Gischler does a brilliant job of setting the series on course as though it was nice to see the series take an interest in the events of Buffy it’s a relief that it’s not just an extension. The way that Gischler shows the more mundane side of slaying really appealed to me, showing that not all their work is action based. There was however one main problem I personally had with the script is the inconsistency in pace and the overall lack of connection between our titular characters with the two different tales having little in common. Despite this the issue was a great continuation and I can’t wait to read more.

Will Conrad continues to blow my mind as the realism of his pencils is simply out of this world. He amazes me with the way that he captures the likeness of the characters, showing both creativity as well as familiarity. He also produces stunning layouts that pop out the page, giving a more intense vibe. The issue also yet again has outstanding colours with Michelle Madsen once again producing a sleek and punchy finish to Conrad’s fabulous art.

Angel & Faith Season 10 drops ever so slightly in quality but nonetheless it remains a series that has my attention. Highly recommended.

  • + Victor Gischler's scripts continues to grab my attention.
  • + Will Conrad's art is that realistic it's almost scary.
  • + Awesome cliffhanger!
  • - Overall pace a bit inconsistent.

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