Can the first issue of Angel & Faith Season 10 top the opening issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Angel’s work is never done. During his most recent world saving, a part of London was transformed and flooded with magic. Who better to watch over this magical community than Angel? At least, that’s what he thinks. Meanwhile, Faith starts a new chapter in her life—slaying zompires alongside Buffy?!

Angel & Faith Season 10 #1 variantBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 sees “New Rules” for the Buffy universe and with it’s amazing opening I’ve personally been eagerly looking forward to the new Angel & Faith season. Having now digested the both opening issues I have to give the upper hand to this fabulous issue as though both were thoroughly enjoyable this was more gripping.

Victor Gischler takes over the writing duties on Angel & Faith replacing Christos Gage who’s moved over to Buffy. Having not read Season 9 of Angel & Faith I can’t compare the two writers work on these characters, but I can say that Gischler does an awesome job of grabbing my attention. The way that he adds so much intensity and drama through dialogue is a real treat as due to having a mysterious nature (as expected) it needs something like this to give it definition. Despite all this the issue wasn’t without it’s faults and the thing that annoyed me the most was the transition between the Angel and Faith sequences which initially added slight confusion.

There’s really little more to say about Will Conrad‘s art than just wow. Obviously that’s a little too short a description for a review so I’ll divulge more. Conrad has amazed me in the past having done wonderful art on Nightwing with his realistic style being awe-inspiring. His art on this issue however is simply phenomenal as along with the realism it was also very dramatic. Conrad also gives us excitement as well as a smooth flow with his layouts being simply astonishing. Alongside this is the tremendous colours of Michelle Madsen which give a brilliant final tone to the issue.

Angel & Faith Season 10 has really grabbed my attention as though I misses Season 9 I am intrigued as to learn more about Angel and Faith‘s current problems. Highly recommended.

  • + Victor Gischler gives us an intense and exciting opening issue.
  • + Will Conrad's realistic art is simply phenomenal.
  • + Brilliant companion book for Buffy whilst also having an unique story.
  • - Transition between certain sequences could've been smoother.

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