Amazing X-Men #9 Review

Can the X-Men stop this Wendigo outbreak? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Part 2 of World War Wendigo!

• The X-Men and members of Alpha Flight join battle to stop the growing tide of Wendigos from consuming everything and everyone in its path!

Amazing X-Men #9 variantWorld War Wendigo continues as the X-Men finally catch up with Wolverine in Canada. With the addition of Puck and Talisman this is quickly feeling like a proper Canadian set story and along with the explosive action it proves very entertaining.

Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle continue to amaze me with this story as though it’s got some way to go before becoming a classic it’s certainly proving to be very entertaining. With great dialogue and character interaction the duo are quickly reminding me why I loved their previous X related work with there being humour, tension and seriousness. They also produce some very exciting sequences with a shocking climax. Despite all this there was a sequence that showed the progression of the outbreak which kind of took away from the pace.

Carlo Barberi takes over art duties and though it’s sad to see Ed McGuinness leave (especially considering how brief his return was) the sensational art that Barberi produces proves to be a fitting replacement.The energetic flow along with the charming facial expressions really appealed to me with the intensity and drama he added during the Blackbird crash also being exhilarating. Rachelle Rosenberg also produces tremendous colours with her pallet being very appealing to the eye.

Amazing X-Men continues to amaze with World War Wendigo being a terrific story so far. Highly recommended.

  • + Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle continue to amaze.
  • + Carlo Barberi takes over the art with sensational pencils.
  • + Fun and charming character interaction.
  • - One sequence took away from the overall pace.

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