Amazing X-Men #7 Review

What could possibly go wrong when Firestar and Iceman go for groceries?

The official description from Marvel:

• Guest-starring THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!
• Iceman, Firestar and Spider-Man renew their amazing friendship to save New York City.
• Guest-Issue by Kathryn Immonen (AVENGERS ANNUAL) and Paco Medina (X-MEN, NOVA)!

Amazing X-Men #7Amazing X-Men gives us a one-shot story that fills the gap between the change of writers. Iceman and Firestar take centre stage in an issue that sees a guest appearance from another amazing character, Spider-Man who brings a strange alien baby with him. The energetic and fast paced events that follow are simply outstanding with the interaction between these two X-Men and Spider-Man being highly entertaining.

Kathryn Immonen fills in the gap between former writer Jason Aaron leaving and his upcoming replacements Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle producing a wonderful one-shot story. Now when a writer fills in for only one issue it usually lands up being really good or mediocre with most people overlooking them. Immonen’s work gladly falls into the latter part with this exciting and fun story being warm hearted and full of energy. Add to this charming dialogue involving and amazing guest character and what’s not to love.

Paco Mendina joins Immonen as guest artist with his energetic style complimenting this this story perfectly. The way that Mendina produces smooth yet dynamic layouts has always impressed me as no matter what the situation he always manages to give impact to the sequence. Along with this he also adds a fun tone through the character expressions and movements with Spider-Man particularly adding tons of energy. Combine this with Juan Vlasco‘s fantastic inks and Rachelle Rosenberg‘s wonderful colours and you get artwork that is I personally could look at for ages.

Amazing X-Men #7 may not be essential for people who are following the series but it is a fun and exciting filler. Highly recommended.


  • + Fun one-shot that fills the creative gap perfectly.
  • + Amazing artwork from Paco Mendina.
  • + The Amazing Spider-Man swings in with a stunning cameo.
  • - Rapped up a bit quickly.

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