Amazing Spider-Man #6 Review

Now in its third volume, is this title something spectacular or downright lackluster? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• The finale of the record-breaking first arc of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN where all heck breaks loose on Peter Parker.

• Parker Industries has promised a humane and secure super-villain containment system but Black Cat and Electro have other ideas…

• The secrets of Silk have been revealed!

Amazing Spider-Man 6_Preview PageI have to admit this is one ongoing comic that has me jazzed about the future. It can be said that the creative team has delivered a likable character introduction for our hero’s latest ally, while also sticking to their core and maintaining a strong presence for the already established supporting cast. And as a mammoth event approaches on the horizon there’s no doubt in my mind that now’s the right time to jump on board this friendly neighborhood ride.

Dan Slott pens the script and at this point I think it’s hard for anyone not to admit that this author knows the world of Peter Parker. He has a grasp on the material that instantly sets up confidence, as the scribe steadily guides our icon into some interesting developments. If the looming Spider-Verse wasn’t enough, our king of industry might have some more pressing issues at his company and in his personal life that he’s just not aware of. My number one compliment is the fact that the narrative never shied away from the rubble left in Superior‘s wake, which only added to the tension of an already engaging return.

Now onto the visual component, where the one and only Humberto Ramos continues to yield some downright quirky designs. I know that the works featured within the confines of this narrative are not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me this illustrator captures the raw essence of our 616 hero in a way that’s second to none. Every time I pour into one of his images I realize they’re almost always over the top, but never far enough to ruin the text it supports. The display is controlled chaos at best with striking colors by Edgar Delgado that complete the package as it earns attention.

Amazing Spider-Man #6 is a comic book that’s bound to appeal to any fanboy or fangirl that’s just looking for a good time. It’s a fun outing with enough narrative progression as it comes recommended.

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