Amazing Spider-Man #3 Review

Is this really a worthwhile Peter Parker adventure? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Because of her last encounter with Spider-Man, Felicia Hardy lost everything. Now the Black Cat is back, and she doesn’t want any apologies or excuses… just REVENGE.

• Plus: Spidey teams up with a real hero, fireman Pedro Olivera… who just happens to be the current boyfriend to one Mary Jane Watson.

• And… more on you-know-who from the opening scene back in ASM #1. You know who we’re talking about. Yeah, that’s right. You better not miss this one!

Amazing Spider-Man 3_Variant CoverYou know that feeling you get after you read a comic that thoroughly held your attention and left you grinning from ear to ear? If so then good because that’s exactly what this latest edition to the literary legacy of that wonderful wall-crawling menace did for me. Each page solidified the work of a creative team that’s gearing up for future arcs and setting the stage for its own upcoming event, Spider-Verse.

Dan Slott once again pushes forward as our vigilante comes face to face with problems from SpOck’s time under the mask. After only three issue the author wastes no time building a clash while the text plays with pieces without ruining established elements from prior tales. I have to say I was thoroughly pleased by the whole affair as Black Cat and Parker Industries were just the top problems as even more goes on behind the scenes. And don’t forget the interesting opening sequence that goes a long way in explaining the newest addition to the legacy of Spider-Man. To sum up: there’s no doubt that this was a sensational entry.

The illustrations handed in by Humberto Ramos simply remain quirky and interesting. It’s true that this talent has his share of detractors but for me he’s consistently one of the best artists for this current iteration of our favored arachnid. He handles the hustle and bustle of the big city and the layers of the lives involved, while managing to craft a new addition to the mythos. Add in the colors done by Edgar Delgado and I have no complaints about the visuals contained in this sturdy release.

Amazing Spider-Man #3 does so much right as it clears a pathway towards the future while never ignoring the debris of its Superior past. In other words this outing comes highly recommended.

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